Favourite Links

I would like to share with you some of my favourite resources for knowledge growth, career development and personal development.

Personal Development and Knowledge Growth

http://sethgodin.typepad.com/ – he has fantastic ideas in regards to marketing.

http://www.danpink.com/ – he has a great talk on intrinsic motivation.

http://ted.com – awesome keynote speakers donate cutting edge information for free. All speeches can be downloaded as free mpeg files or simply streamed online. I highly recommend Hans Rosling. Other keynotes include Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Jamie Oliver and Steve Jobs.

Software Development and Engineering

http://joelonsoftware.com – a great blog for software engineers.

http://codinghorror.com – another great blog for software engineers.

http://stackoverflow.com – a revolutionary forum or question/answer based site for software engineers. It is currently in the process of being applied to all domains.

http://area51.com – a launch platform for the stackoverflow concept into new domains other than software. If you have a great idea then propose it. This could have the potential to be the next layer between the web of data and google. You still have a chance to say “I knew about it before everyone else did!”.

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